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Ortrud Lindemann is een bevlogen en zeer ervaren homeopathisch arts en een van de beste docenten in de homeopathische wereld. Zij heeft zich gespecialiseerd in ‘familie- en sociale geneeskunde’. In 1999 heeft zij in Barcelona een integraal centrum opgezet waar momenteel meer dan twintig artsen en therapeuten werken, waaronder zes homeopathische artsen, drie verloskundigen en lactatiedeskundigen. Doelstelling van het centrum: mensen begeleiden vanaf de conceptie tot de dood. Zij heeft verschillende boeken geschreven over de geboorte en de eerste stadia van het kind.

The first steps and development of the child's own self

In this seminar we focus on the development of the child and what part can be accompanied with homeopathy. The importance of treating children has to do with the future of mankind.

The challenge for medicine in our century in our developed countries has to do with the rise of resistance to antibiotics, rise of chronic diseases, intoxication in the broadest sense and as consequence intolerances, allergies, autoimmune diseases, autism and new complex disease processes.

Homeopathy and a careful handling with nature, diet, fresh water and to keep added chemical substances and radiation at a minimum contribute to nature’s and life’s balance.

Homeopathic medicines and its preparations do not leave pollution and do not count on animal trials nor harmful proceedings in the production of chemical medicines.

Homeopathy potentiates the child’s own life force and talents. The autoimmune system is stimulated; the nervous system can developed freely and with a minimum of neurotoxins. Infectious diseases treated naturally can serve as milestones for the natural development of lifelong immunity (measles, rubella, etc.) and prevent later development of cancers and chronic diseases.

Prevention and integrative medicine are the new lemmas of our time. Homeopathy contributes to it in a huge part and allows life to evolve in it’s most natural way. We will be most interested to read in some twenty years from here what the difference between a child that grew up potentiating it’s natural talents and possibilities of immune response to a child treated in the protocolized way including fever reduction, antibiotics and massive immunization will be (immunologically, development of nervous system, frequency and severity of intermittent diseases, energy level, etc.).

Ortrud Lindemann has worked for the last 30 years to a great deal with children as family physician and created in Barcelona, Spain a centre which allows parents to be attended by a team of homeopathic physicians (8) and multidisciplinary therapists around the clock (Marenostrum).

This seminar only transmits her experience from the past 30 years with some cases and can inspire young and experienced homeopaths to carry on doing what Hahnemann taught us. 


  • Children with behavioural problems and differentiate remedies (Acidum, Callicum,Tarentula and the night shadows)
  • Transgenerational medicine and how to interweave it with homeopathy
  • Children who needed nosodes 
  • Autoimmune diseases in childhood

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  • Terrible two's (Temper Tantrums)
  • Childhood diseases
  • An approach to fever
  • Liberation from toxic influences
  • Serious conditions tackled with homeopathy

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